Automatic Cleaners

Maytronics, the pioneer and world leader in automated electronic pool cleaning for residential and commercial pools, and the developer of the popular Dolphin supreme series of robot cleaners, was established in 1983.


Dolphin Supreme M3 which is a light weight easy to use wall climbing unit with the exceptional features at an affordable price. It systematically covers the entire pool while filtering the water and scrubbing all the pool surfaces. The M3's weekly timer feature enables the user to pre-set a cleaning schedule throughout the week! NOW comes with a cartridge filter!




The Supreme M4 once again raises the bar for robotic pool cleaners, representing the latest generation of Dolphins legendary robotic technology. The M4's superior scanning and coverge is paired with technological innovations like an active underside brush that spins at 2.5x speed and quick and easy top access to high capacity filter cartridges. The M4 also includes a full cartridge indicator and a weekly timer feature feature which allows the user to pre-set cleaning cycles throughout the week.


Come by Pro Pools & Spas and try out our Dolphin Demo to see just how amazing these automatic pool cleaners are!